RUBICON (ˈruːbɪkən) — n 1. a point of no return. 2. to commit oneself irrevocably to some course of action.

In the summer of 1993 the future of the sandwich world would soon be forever changed by the conception of the Rubicon Deli. Created by Cheri Corsiglia inside a rural market on the sunny West Shore of Lake Tahoe, her flavorful sandwiches made on an entire loaf of freshly baked bread had patrons eagerly forming lines out the door to try one for themselves. It wasn’t long before Rubicon’s mammoth specialty sandwiches became a “must have” lunch experience for locals and visitors alike. After 15 successful years in the Tahoe area, Cheri teamed up with her son, Evan Corsiglia, in 2008 to build a brand new location in Reno, Nevada. Having cultivated his love for food and passion for restaurant design, Evan was determined to take the Rubicon Deli above and beyond the Reno/Tahoe area. In 2009 he partnered up with local San Diego epicureans, Antonio Carasali and Oliver Lang to open their first store in Mission Beach, followed by a Mission Hills location in 2012.


Exceeding your expectation of how a sandwich should look, taste and make you feel is our true passion at Rubicon Deli. Our sumptuous salads and homemade soups are just a front for our true obsession with the perfect sandwich. Over the last 20 years our company has grown dramatically and our product has continuously evolved, but the one thing that remains exactly the same is the bread. Our freshly baked loaves of Garlic Cheese, Jalapeno Jack, Pesto, Bleu cheese, Dutch Crunch, and Wheat breads are the original flavors and recipes that stole the show back in the summer of ’93 and have become the defining part of the Rubicon experience. For our favorite kitchen utensils and appliances used to prepare our famous deli sandwiches, visit ebrillahome.com

Our meats and cheeses are all natural; no additives, no vegetable-based fillers, nothing to hide. We use the freshest local produce whenever available, all our dressings are made in-house and our selection of specialty mustards are imported from Napa Valley. At Rubicon Deli we believe that the way we prepare our foods should be the same way we live our lives, with great attention to detail and an understanding that the little things truly do make a big difference.