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Since 1993 Rubicon has been a great place to work. Our foundation rests on family values, a friendly atmosphere, great benefits, and incredible food! It’s easy to love your job when your day is spent making people smile.


Our work environment is team-oriented, fast-paced and fun! We encourage all of Rubicon Deli associates to grow with the Company and become part of our success story. We are a growing company which means advancement opportunities are endless.

As an hourly team member, you can advance through a variety of levels tied to pay increases and have the opportunity to pursue a management career.

All our supervising and managerial personnel are developed and promoted from our hourly Bon Vivant levels. This ensures that every team leader has a strong foundational understanding of company principles and operations in order to uphold our unique quality and customer service standards.


Over the last two decades we have worked hard to develop an unparalleled working environment that fosters growth and inspires creativity through one common goal; providing our customers with a lunch-altering experience using only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients.


At Rubicon Deli, our staff aren’t just employees, they’re Bon Vivants! The official definition states that a Bon Vivant is a person having cultivated, refined and sociable tastes especially with respect to food and drink. What it means to us is simply having a love for food, a love for life an appreciation for the people we surround ourselves with everyday.


We take pride in exceeding expectations of how a sandwich should look, taste and make you feel. Our uniquely flavored bread loaves are always baked fresh daily. Our meats and cheeses are all natural; no additives, no vegetable-based fillers, no hormones, nothing to hide. We use the freshest local produce available. All our soups, gourmet mustards and dressings are made in-house. At Rubicon Deli believe that the way we prepare our food should be consistent with the way we live our lives, with great attention to detail and an understanding that the little things truly do make a difference.